I’ve signed up to Etsy resolution 2016!

Hello, I’m Leanne Warren, I live in a village just ten minutes drive outside of Newcastle upon Tyne (in the north east of England). I live with my husband, and my two beautiful babies; my black Labrador Sophia and little rescue Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Oscar. I own my own dog care business and can best describe myself as a self-employed, avid animal loving, frustrated creative.

This blog is going to be my story of what happens when you sign up to the free Etsy Resolution course. As a newbie to the idea of selling my ‘makes’ this is exciting and dauntingly new territory for me.

I set myself some resolutions this January (a shorter list than normal) but some challenging ones nonetheless…

  1. Firstly to give up alcohol for three months until my birthday in March (giving my liver a little rest after a Prosseco soaked Christmas break).
  2. To become more technologically enabled. Our household has fallen way behind the times, including my four year old mobile phone that’s no longer able to access the internet or download apps. I have a Masters in IT which amuses my friends and family no end as they all think I repel technology (and they’re probably not wrong).
  3. To spend more time making and less time dreaming.

So, quite easy really compared to the twenty or so resolutions that I normally have on my list? Well I didn’t know what was coming my way when one random day I opened facebook and an advert for Etsy Resolution popped up… a free four week course encouraging ‘makers’ to get online and sell their stuff. After a night thinking about it I have signed up and there we have my fourth resolution – sell my stuff.

The Christmas technology purchases (new mobile and a tablet) have really helped me embrace the idea of maybe I can start selling my work online. I am now jumping head first into the world of aps, instagram, hashtags and twitter and I’m (very) slowly starting to have a clue what they mean and what to do with them (I need a manual for those pesky hashtags).

I think it’s a happy coincidence that I’ve really stuck with my resolutions, no yucky hangovers and especially that I’ve embraced technology this year as my resolutions go hand in hand with what has now become my Etsy obsession. Because of the course l’m already feeling highly motivated, incredibly positive and really hopeful about the future. It looks like it’s going to be a very steep learning curve, a little bit of a roller coaster at times, and this blog is intended for me to log this journey – wherever it may take me!


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