For this week’s Treasury Tuesday I’ve curated a lovely collection of dog walking goodies, including some fabulous doggie Harris Tweed in pink and purple hues. I am unashamedly  doggie accessory obsessed. I have fallen in love with so many of these items and with the prospect of a dog walking bag to match, I had better get saving!

Among all of these finds my standouts are: ‘Windy Day Lady’ by Bagard Cards and Crafts firstly because I know all too well about walking my dog on a windy day – especially because I live at the top of the hill – even on the supposedly most still of days it’s so windy. I love the combination of typed print with such lovely illustration. I’m a smitten kitten! ‘Walking the Dog girl’ by Sweet Design Studio is another standout. I love the colour combinations, the funky design and yes I’m a sucker for dalmatians. I have to laugh though – both of these images are so many miles away from what I look like when out with the dogs, wrapped in leads, carrying multitudes of poop bags and covered in mud and doggie slobber!

Finally a shout out for artist Andy Moore and his Newcastle Quayside print with the iconic Tyne Bridge as a backdrop. The image includes the obligatory man walking dog. I always love a little bit of local art and it reminds me of visiting the quayside market on a Sunday morning – lush!

Browse all of these gorgeous goodies by clicking here: Etsy Treasury ‘Walkies’ by Leapup



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