Birds of a feather

It’s Treasury Tuesday, a day aimed at highlighting some of the lovely finds on Etsy. After a slightly traumatic mid-week when Oscar my King Charles killed a bird in the garden . I decided to do a treasury based on birds in an attempt to get over it and well…. because I love birds so much. My in-laws who live in the North West of England are very superstitious about birds and think they bring bad luck so won’t wear clothes or anything with them on – I hadn’t ever heard of anything like that and pretty much love any item with a bird on it. Have you ever heard of anything like that?

Anyway take a look at the treasury, if anything catches your eye please click in and take a closer look, all items are available to buy now on Etsy.

This week the pink block printed feather pillow from Pauline Plug really caught my eye, I wasn’t planning on including pink items but it was just so lovely I couldn’t leave it out and how cute and intricate is that key ring from Ellies treasures UK? So many lovely goodies so please do take a look!

You can purchase any of these items by visiting the treasury here: Etsy ‘Birds of a feather’ Treasury by LEAPUP



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