Featuring a certain little blue girl…

This week we feature the Little Blue Girl Co. Introducing the lovely and talented Louise Flintoft…

Flintoff Family-32 (1)

Could you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about you and your Etsy shop?
I’m Louise mother to a lively 2.5 year old. I’m based in the Newcastle-upon-tyne. I work in product management in the medical diagnostics field and this takes me all over the world, screen printing is an artistic release from the business cases and clinical reports and valued adult time! My Etsy shop alllouise4ows gives me a place to show-off my screenprints.

Tell us a little bit about how and where you work?
My workspace is a tale of two halves. I do most of my sketching at home on my lap in the evenings after putting my toddler to bed, but have access to some amazing facilities at the Northern Print Studios.

What inspires your work?
I feel really fortunate to live in the North East of England which is an astonishingly beautiful part of the world, especially the coastline. Not all of my work, but a good portion of it is inspired by walks with my little girl. She loves mammy’s pictures and looks forward to spotting herself on the newest edition. There’s a good portion of artistic licence in the scenes which are recognisable if you know where my (smartphone) snaps are taken but are meant to be reminiscent of scenes everyone can relate to. I also draw inspiration from the inks themselves. I love exploring the way I can mix them on the screen and how it makes every single print unique. I’m on a search for the perfect sky!


What are you currently working on?
I have been been exploring a range of seaside scenes along a common theme and colour palette. I’ve started to explore some alternative colours and scenes. I’m going to look into doing some smaller prints of the little blue girl, which I’m intending to put together into a larger piece at some time in the future. I’d like to develop a custom option in my prints, by integrating sketches of other people/children into my landscapes. I definitely think the little blue girl needs a male counterpart.


How have you found your Etsy journey so far?
Like many on Etsy I’m juggling this with lots of other priorities. With a full time job and a small child I find it slow developing my business. It’s a challenge to get new items in my shop, not just developing the ideas and creating the pieces, but the networking required to drive traffic to my page.
I must admit I find Etsy a little overwhelming if I think about it too much. There are so many really talented people out there it’s hard to imagine how you could get noticed. I worry that my work isn’t commercial enough, or perhaps it’s too niche. I’ve found that the community as a whole is so positive and there’s a lot of love being shared.

Any lessons learned so far that you would like to share with other Etsy makers or online sellers?
There is no such thing as too niche on Etsy!

Your favourite make so far?
Castle View Sunset, 2I’m really loving the latest edition of “Castle view”. I wanted to explore some other colours as I thought the graphic nature of this print would really pop with a vibrant sunset. The inks on this one just mixed so well.

The piece that has attracted the most interest is the original “little blue girl” print. I think that it really sums up the atmosphere of a cold sunny day at the beach.

What’s next for your shop?
It was a huge thing for me even getting my Etsy shop open. The next major milestone is making that first sale!


Your Etsy crush?
It has to be Liz Whiteside Artwork. I love Liz’s work. She’s such a talented artist and has a complimentary range of artwork, soft furnishings and smaller items that work so well together in a cohesive shop. I can imagine giving so much of her work as gifts to my family (and of course keeping a little for myself!)

Your favourite Etsy purchase?
My first Etsy purchase, which opened my eyes to the creative genius on Etsy.  It’s a  scarf that I was immediately taken by when one of my friends in Melbourne, Australia posted a picture of it on Facebook.OWLscarf

When I wear it across my shoulders the wings of the owl spread down my arms. It was a total indulgence having a hand-printed scarf shipped all the way from Australia but I think that’s the spirit of Etsy, seeking out those unique things that you really love.  Shovava Owl Scarf

I’m soooo jealous I’ve been hankering after her swallow scarf for what seems like for ever, her designs are so beautiful, you lucky thing!

Where can we find you on the web to come and say ‘hi’?
Etsy Shop: littlebluegirlco.etsy.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Little-blue-girl-co-1680315448895431/
Instagram: @littlebluegirlco

I have really enjoyed seeing Louise’s beautiful artwork and ideas develop. Her prints capture her love for her daughter and the North East coast so beautifully and would make gorgeous gifts for any living space. Louise is also available to take on one-off commission pieces and I hope you can take a moment and pop over to her shop or over to social media to say hi… I’m sure she’d love to hear from you!

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