Happy Easter Weekend!

After what has felt like a roller coaster ride for the last couple of months on Etsy I’ve realised that all my eggs are in the one proverbial basket. It’s time to diversify so I’m REALLY excited to announce that this weekend I’m setting up a shop on Folksy.

I have a discount code running for the whole of Easter weekend… 15% off with the code FOLKSYEASTER15 plus I’m offering free UK postage as standard!


Lots of my UK based friends and family are still clueless as to what Etsy is so I’m hoping that it will be a little more user friendly for those folk. After playing with it for one night some of the differences between the two platforms has become quite clear but the main thing for me is that I love how my shop looks so much more, and thank goodness I don’t have to add all of those celebration attributes… (any Etsy sellers will understand what I’m  talking about). The Folksy shop is currently looking a little bit sparse but more designs will be going on all throughout the weekend and if there are any designs that aren’t listed that you’re interested in purchasing with your voucher… just drop me a note and I can prioritise it!

The other highlight of my weekend was visiting my Etsy shop this morning to see this lovely nougat of feedback from a lovely customer in Seattle which has turned Easter Friday into Easter Friyay! It’s perfect timing and a great end to #coffeeweekUK!


Happy shopping and enjoy your Easter break!

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