Firstly, apologies, I’m real behind with LEAPUP blogs, lots has been happening but I ‘m not going to fit all my updates in here as there’s far too much to tell you. So, I thought instead I would post and say how much fun I’m having over on my Instagram account @LEAPUP


I’ve joined in with an Instagram challenge called #CoulourMyEveryDay by @adventuresandteaparties. Each day you have to post a colourful picture along that day’s theme or prompt. Having never joined in with anything like this before I have to say I’m so glad I did. Firstly I’ve ‘insta-met’ lots of other like minded creatives which has been fabulous.

[Here’s some of my new ‘insta-pals’ Instagram accounts that are worth checking out out if you get the chance…

If you know anyone who is getting married check out these AMAZING handmade flowers, it’s suuuuch a beautiful account and Helen’s a fellow Folksy seller @paperbeacompany

If, like me, you LOVE all things retro these two accounts are worth checking out (warning though, some of the things for sale might be just to cute and kitsch to resist)  @planet_utopia and @yayretro

Also, not forgetting @pippaquigley25  who has the most amazing wardrobe, I’m in awe (mainly because if I’m not at work I’m in my PJs) but wow to own a wardrobe that gorgeous and colourful would be awesome and check our her gorgeous wedding dress that she embellished herself!]

This challenge has also really helped me feel a little bit more inspired and creative, I’ve been thinking a little  bit more about colours and the prompt each day has meant I’ve been posting a more diverse range of images,  which I think adds much more interest to my account. I’ve started thinking more about moving images, I’ve started using Boomerang (still getting the hang of it) and I’ve made some stop motion videos, so yes the creative ‘sparks’ are really going at the moment! Yay!


My first stop motion effort… (press play to watch)


Second attempt… (press play to watch)

Today’s video… (press play to watch)

You can tell how much fun I’ve had by the mess on my desk… lots!


Now I’ve hit day eleven I’m feeling confident that I’ll be able to keep it up until the end of the challenge, so watch this space. The challenge is still going on until the end of the month so come and join in, it’s lots of fun! Come on over to Instagram and say hi! @LEAPUP

3 thoughts on “#ColourMyEveryDay

  1. I was going to do this insta challenge as it looks such a fun one, just knew I wouldn’t commit to it as this month is mega busy. Have been enjoying the photos on my feed though 🙂
    Stop-motion videos are cool – well done!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Shame you were busy it’s been lots of fun😄 thanks I’m going to be offering stop motion motion and animations as a service so super excited about that!


    2. Thanks so much Joanne. I wasn’t sure if I would keep up the challenge but very pleased I did! I’ve just started an Instagram challenge called #myhouseinJuly, you should give it a go!

      Liked by 1 person

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