We still believe

It’s been far too long since my last update but I’m happy to report that I am almost finished with my new pop art collection ***watch this space***. I have also just finished a new pop art portrait commission and can’t wait to share some pictures once my customer over in Texas has it hung up in her home – it’s something totally different so looking forward to sharing it with you.


Warning unless you are an England or football supporter you’re not going to be interested in this…

What I am sharing today is totally different to my usual stuff… it’s my new pop art print of our waistcoat wearing national hero, Gareth Southgate. I know he has won over the hearts of many recently but he already had mine from when I supported Boro / England and watching his intelligent, poised and professional demeanour in the World Cup has made me so proud to be English. So this new pop art print is dedicated to our waistcoat wearing national hero and his team.


I was playing Baddiel and Skinner’s ‘Three Lions’ on repeat while drawing this and I’m definitely suffering from a serious case of football fever. I still can’t get over how good all the matches have been, sooo enjoyable and such a good World Cup. I’m planning on drawing Pickford before Wednesday and if we progress further into the competition who knows, there may be more…


What is so fab is knowing that it doesn’t really matter too much what happens on Wednesday as all we really wanted was a team that were passionate about playing for their country, who worked together as a team, a team that we could be proud of and it’s a relief and a refreshing change to see that happening. I’m just keeping everything crossed that it is another passionate performance and – you never know – it could be coming home – but best not speak too soon.

PS I plan to pull together some doggie outfits so that Sophia and Oscie can show their woof and support to their team on Wednesday. 🐢🐢

My pop art football prints will be available as signed and numbered limited editions in A4 and A3, they will be available in my Etsy shop from later in the week.



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