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Feel the joy this Folksy Friday

Following on from the antics of animating the Folksy Mr Mouse Christmas film, I’m once again teaming up with Folksy and lots of talented British artists, designers and makers to create some new short animation films. The aim is to help you (and hopefully me) feel the joy and spread some handmade Folksy vibes. Tomorrow is the first in the series of Folksy Friday film and fun days, the first animation short will be released and you’ll find more about the talented maker at Feltmeupdesigns who created the gorgeous handmade chicks for the first film.

Hopefully you can visit Folksy (their website or social media) and have a look, have a browse and see what gorgeous handmade goodness is on offer? This blog post explains more about Folksy Friday Fun…

Look out for the first of the Folksy Friday films tomorrow to find out what’s in the box, and please, please, please, like, comment and share when you see it! As British self employed makers all the comments, likes and shares we can get to help spread the handmade & Folksy message means the world to us!


I’m really looking forward to this challenge of creating nine animations (one a week in May and June) and hope you can offer your support. The animations will all be very basic and rough around the edges but I hope they make you smile, that’s the aim anyway! It means a lot to me as I’m just pulling myself out of a very deep winter ‘rut’ and and it feels exciting and exhilarating to get the camera out and get the creative juices flowing again – phew! My head has literally been exploding with ides over the last month, it’s a really great feeling.


Image: Taken by Leanne Warren features the beautiful handmade goodies: needle felted chick from Feltmeupdesigns; and crochet love heart flower pot from Fancy Knittles – both on

I’m also very excited to be working with the extraordinarily talented designer and animator, Yas Bowley who created the most beautiful Folksy animation earlier this year. Please head over and take a look at her animation, she spent months creating this gorgeous film, in support of Folksy and British designers and makers. Yas will be creating a little 2D animated ‘Folksy’ logo for the end of each film so please look out for those and (eeeek, exciting) we are planning more animation collaboration in the future – so watch this space!

Anyway I hope you enjoy the animation. I can’t wait to get started on week 2 – animating zombies, in the jungle? Intrigued? I just need to get the ideas out of my head and into reality – which should be a lot easier thanks to all of the talented Folksy makers who are helping me with this project. Thank you so much you talented bunch.

Find me on Folksy:

Find Yas here:

PS for all the lovers of the fabulous (and on occasion diva-ish) Mr Mouse, created by the ridiculously talented Amanda Barnes … you might be glad to hear he will be making a reappearance and he has a new friend, eeeek, more to be revealed 🙂


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