2020 and Australia is still burning

It’s new year – I would say happy new year – but I’m not feeling very happy about it. The election result, the behaviour of our PM, Brexit and the Country leaving Europe – it’s happening and I’m continuing to struggle to come to terms with it, I love Europe and consider my self European. There’s Trump launching a drone attack that might potentially lead to World War three and the devastating fires across large swathes of Australia, causing a wake of death and destruction and something that looks like the end of days… and it’s only the 5th January!

There are currently estimated to be 500 million animals killed in Australia and many, many more injured and in need of help. I have followed the fires on Twitter closely, sobbed at some of the stories and pictures of kolas and kangaroos – seen images of things so horrific, I wish I could un-see them. All while the Australian PM remains in climate change denial and continues to push coal as his energy supply of choice. So yeah – for someone who suffers from bouts of anxiety and depression not a great start for me. Hopefully it’s onwards and upwards from here on in!

To try and lift my spirits I’m having another self-imposed Twitter ban as it isn’t good to be so deeply immersed in such awful and traumatic news 24/7. I have to be more positive and remove myself from news for a while. Instead, I’m putting my worries into action, dusting off my sewing machine and helping with a campaign run out of Australia to help create items for wild animals that have been injured by the fires.

For any animal lovers / crafters, like me, who are feeling helpless and devastated by what is happening in Australia and who want to get involved in helping injured animals… this group is for you! There are detailed and clear patterns and instructions on how to sew joey pouches etc. including the best fabrics to use, how to knit/crochet nests etc. For more information about this campaign visit the Animal Rescue Craft Guild:

If you’re in the UK this Animal Rescue Craft Guild Facebook Group shows all UK collection hubs and has discussion around how you can help:
joey pouches
If you are local to where I live in Whickham I can print & drop off patters to elderly relatives neighbours who aren’t able to access them – just let me know. I am also acting as a collection hub in Whickham and can pick up any makes from around the Newcastle and Gateshead area.

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