Hi and welcome to LEAPUP!

leapupMy name is ME.jpgLeanne Warren (aka crazy dog lady) and welcome to my world of dogs, where I’m posting about my dog designs and makes that I started selling in 2016.

I live in just outside of Newcastle upon Tyne in North East England with my husband and two lovelies, Oscar the King Charles and Sophia the Labrador (who are my babies, my absolute world).

I work part time as a dog walker/trainer. I’m lucky enough to be out exercising in the fresh air, spending lots of time walking and training doggies. Sophia and Oscar have lots of doggie pals and aren’t left so it’s just the perfect job and a complete and utter change from the 10 years I spent working for a large corporate firm. When I come home I draw/doodle and turn my photographs and daily inspiration into art and designs.

In December 2016 I produced my first dog commission and started stocking my art in a couple of shops. In the same month I also made my first global sales to he US and Australia and things have grown form there!

If you want to receive updates on new product ranges, discounts and giveaways then you can sign up to receive email notifications from this blog at the bottom of this page and/or follow me across social media here. If you have any comments then please feel free to get in contact, I’d love to hear your feedback!

I’ll also be occasionally highlighting other makers/designers/artists to help spread the handmade word – trying to get the word out to support local artisans and businesses where items are lovingly made and not mass produced! 

Thanks for visiting!


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