Protest Zine

New protest ‘zine’ launching in summer 2020


I’m working on creating & launching the inaugural edition of a protest ‘zine’. This will be an arts & politics based magazine created to help voice opinions and opposition to the rise of fascism in the UK. The magazine does not represent any political party, though it is pro-EU and takes a stance that it is strongly opposed to the current populist Government & Brexit.

Help support the project:

Help fund the creation of the inaugural printed edition of an anti-fascist, pro-EU protest zine for the UK: Crowd Funder (campaign not yet live)

The protest zine will be available FREE electronically every four to six months & we are crowd funding a printed version.


There is a mood of hopelessness and despair among pro-EU supporters on Twitter. I collated thousands of views from my pro-EU Twitter community asking how people feel about a looming no deal Brexit – I asked them to summarise their feelings in one word. The word cloud art above represents those voices, the larger the word appears, the more frequently that word was used.

Despite petitions and peaceful protests, EU supporters and anti-fascists feel ignored, overlooked and conned. Many people in this community are concerned that this populist Gov & Brexit will be devastating for the UK, and are worried when seeing a surge in right wing behaviour, bigotry, racism, xenophobia, and intolerance. Worryingly there are many parallels between the UK in 2020 and the rise of fascism from throughout history.

The first edition of the magazine will include history, literature, opinion pieces, poetry and art. The aim is a good balance between images and articles, a beautiful celebration of all anti-fascist / pro-EU voices but also an informative, proactive read that brings hope.