Swift originally developed as an idea and an antidote to the mood of hopelessness and despair among pro-EU supporters on Twitter. I collated thousands of views from my pro-EU Twitter community asking how people feel about a looming no deal Brexit – I asked them to summarise their feelings in one word. The word cloud art above represents those voices, the larger the word appears, the more frequently that word was used.

Despite petitions and peaceful protests, EU supporters and anti-fascists feel ignored, overlooked and conned. Many people in this community are concerned that this populist Gov & Brexit will be devastating for the UK, and are worried when seeing a surge in right wing behaviour, bigotry, racism, xenophobia, and intolerance. Worryingly there are many parallels between the UK in 2020 and the rise of fascism from throughout history. Swift gives everyone a voice, an outlet to express their concerns and talk about how to find a positive way forward.

Swift Volume One (October 2020) Covers:

  • The Climate Change emergency
  • Death by no deal Brexit
  • England’s nostalgic obsession with the world wars
  • An experience of Covid 19 during lock-down
  • Historian Dr Louise Raw Discusses the links between misogyny & fascism and a woman’s place in fighting Fascism
  • Comic: Solidarity by Edinburgh workers boycotting the Chilean fascist coup & the parallels with Brexit & Fascism – Written by Historian Paddy Doherty
  • Some mental health coping strategies to handle the craziness of 2020
  • The obliteration of the arts in schools under the Tories
  • Why we need to Abolish the House of Lords
  • PPE & Corruption
  • One man’s experiences of racism growing up in the UK
  • Coverage of the Black Lives Matter Protests
  • Ideas of how to peacefully protest
  • Original photography, poetry and art

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Colour version: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Swift-One-Leanne-Warren/dp/B08KWRYRKN/
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In the second volume we are planning to cover:

  • Propaganda & the power of the British press
  • Parallels between Orwell’s 1984 and populist gas-lighting in 2020
  • The Cambridge Analytica scandal, big data & the continued threat to our democracy
  • From Russia with Love – Foreign interference in our democracy
  • Looking the other way – a personal perspective from Nazi Germany & why the UK should take notice
  • The Forgotten Times – A recap of troubling Tory stories you might have missed since the appointment of Boris Johnson as PM
  • The Tufton Street agenda – who, what, why?
  • 3.5% – what does it mean and how can you get involved?
  • How to prepare if you’re taking part in peaceful civil disobedience.


We are now accepting submission for Swift Volume Two. We welcome submissions of your art, photography, poetry, cartoons, short stories, opinion pieces, academic papers & research etc. they are all considered for inclusion. If you have a petition or organised protest then feel free to drop me a line with details for inclusion in the zine. Please feel free to contact co-editor Leanne Warren at protestzineuk@gmail.com if you would like to discuss further or submit something for consideration. Although the publication will not contain paid advertisements, published contributors are welcome to promote their work & social media in Swift.

You can support the next edition of Swift by contributing to the Swift GoFundMe. You can purchase a paperback copy here: